The final version of the conference is now available:

Warning: On Tuesday 11 July (a holiday in Flanders), the central IT services of Ghent University will test their ‘Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)’. As a side-effect, this website will not be reachable during several hours on that day! Make sure you have copy of the program on a local device. (We will not print out the full program).

Instructions for poster presenters

The poster dimensions should correspond to portrait DIN A0 format (vertical display). The dimensions should be approximately 1189 (height) x 841 (width) millimeters or 46.8 (height) x 33.1 (width) inches (or smaller).

We do not provide a template, so poster presenters can use a style that is typically used by their institution.

The poster session is always between 14h00 and 15h00 (just after the lunch break) in the student restaurant. Poster presenters that need to present on a specific day (see program) can put up their posters anytime between 8h30 and 13h45 on the same day. Each poster has a unique number (between 1 and 35, see program, and the same numbers will visible on the poster panels. Choose the panel that corresponds to your poster number.

The poster panels include clamps to hang the poster, so there is no need to bring tape. Presenters should arrive at their posters 5-10 minutes prior to the session beginning, and remain at their poster during the duration of the poster session.

Posters should be removed by the authors by the end of the day.

Instructions for oral/symposium presenters

Oral presentations and symposia are organised in (parallel) sessions with up to 4 speakers per session. Each individual presentation runs for 20 minutes, including 3-5 minutes for questions and changing speakers. The total run time of a session is about 80 minutes, providing 10 minutes buffer time before the start of the next timeslot.

For oral presentations, the last speaker is always the chair. For symposia, the chair(s) are provided in the program and usually correspond to those researchers that have submitted the symposium overview.

All session rooms are equipped with a desktop computer (running Windows) and a projector, but you can also connect your laptop. Always bring your slides on a USB memory stick (or USB flash drive) (even if you plan to use your laptop) and copy the file onto the presentation computer in time before the session starts. To avoid missing symbols/accents, we recommend using the PDF format (instead of powerpoint).