About Ghent

To learn more about the beautiful city of Ghent, have a look at the visit Ghent pages from the Tourism Office of the City of Ghent.

Note: Tuesday 11 July is the Day of the Flemish Community. This is a holiday in Flanders, and some (but not all) shops and restaurants may be closed.

Note: Friday 14 July (at 4pm) 2023 is the start of the Ghent Festivities. This implies that many hotels will be fully booked on the night of Fri 14 July - Sat 15 July.

Book your hotel as soon as possible!

About Ghent University

To learn more about Ghent University, you can visit the Wikipedia page, or the official website of the university.

Did you know that Adolphe Quetelet received a doctorate in mathematics in 1819 from Ghent University?