Abstract Submission

The abstract submission is now OPEN and will close at March 1 2023.

We make use of the Oxford Abstracts platform to manage the abstract submissions. Before you can submit an abstract, you will have to create an account with Oxford Abstracts via this sign up page. Once you have created your account, you can submit your abstract using red submission button below: (which will open in a new browser window):

Abstract submission guidelines

For individual (poster or oral) presentations, the following information will be required:

For a symposium involving 4 presentations related to a single topic, we will require 1 + 4 (=5) separate submissions: an “overview” abstract describing the overall theme or topic of the symposium (submitted by the symposium organizer), and one abstract for each presentation. In the presentation preference dropdown menu, please select “Symposium overview” when submitting the “overview” abstract, and “Symposium oral presentation” when submitting an abstract for an individual symposium presentation. For the latter, please also fill in the optional field “Symposium title”, so that we can link the individual symposium abstract to the symposium overview abstract.

Please avoid special characters (or any other markup) in the title and abstract field. The abstract book will be produced in pdf using LaTeX. Therefore, you can use (standard) LaTeX markup in the title and abstract field, including LaTeX formulas.

Call for Abstracts

We would like to invite researchers active in the field of methodology, statistics, and data-analysis in the social and behavioral sciences to present their work at the 10th European Congress of Methodology (EAM2023).

Abstracts can be submitted for one of three types:

  1. an oral presentation (15 minutes + 5 minutes discussion)
  2. a poster presentation (1-hour poster session)
  3. a symposium (80 minutes, 4 speakers)

We encourage both junior and senior participants to present a poster.

A symposium is a thematic session where 4 speakers present work that is related to a single topic.

The deadline for submitting abstracts is March 1 2023. We aim to send our decision about acceptance of all submitted abstracts by the 1st of April.

Note: if you plan to attend EAM2023, don’t wait until the 1st of April to book your hotel. As July is the peak of the tourist season in Ghent, hotel rooms will be filling up quickly and prices will be raising fast. It is better to book now, and cancel your reservation later (if you wish).


We welcome all topics related to methodology, statistics, and data-analysis in the social and behavioral sciences, including (but not limited to):